Special thanks to CosmicToons for creating the above logos!



Open source browser extension that blocks Grabify links.

Simple WYIWYG HTML editor.

Malware-free alternative to BonziBUDDY.

Malware-free rewrite and alternative to the currently lost MaxALERT program.

Longbar port of the Windows Longhorn clock.

A clone of the winver.exe from Windows Longhorn 4015.

Experimental electoral map tool made in Clickteam.

Testing program for characters made in Microsoft 1.5. This will not work with 2.0/modern characters.


Privacy focused Gecko web browser. More info is at its page.

Program developed to update on TSM alts. No longer needed.

Notepad clone that contains a dark mode feature.

Simple media player that uses the WMP API.

Basic calculator that was meant for KonOS.

Discontinued game that was made to test out Clickteam.

Product not listed? You can check the legacy products page if you can't find it!